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Great results from RIVSILON pilots on IT for public transport

Since 2018 the RIVSILON project has been a part of the ElectriCity collaboration. By using ITxPT specifications a series of pilots and test have been carried out in order for, among other things, plug and play solutions for the IT systems to work, enabling different systems to work together. After successful results, new services have been developed and here you can take part of ITxPT's case study from the project.
Olika bilder från kollektivtrafik.

The aim for the RIVSILON project has been to accelerate the introduction of a standardized IT architecture as specified by ITxPT. The development towards this has been driven through several test – first in a lav environment at Lindholmen Science Park and then at on route 16 in Gothenburg.

The project has developed and demonstrated new digital services and solutions and tested plug 'n' play funcionality, enabling IT equipment from different actors to work in the same setup onboard the buses. The work has also resulted in new experiences in relation to the procurement of IT systems and insights into how business relationships change when the procurement takes place on the basis of a common standard. 

RIVSILON was founded by Volvo Buses and Västtrafik, in cooperation with Lindholmen Science Park. In addition to the initiating partners above, ActiaConsatEricssonTriona (Fleetech), HogiaIcomeraKeolisLuminator Technology Group (former Mobitec), Pilotfish NetworksRISE Research Institutes of Sweden and Transdev participate in the project, in partnership with the ElectriCity cooperation in Gothenburg and ITxPT.

Read the ITxPT case study here

Gunnar Ohlin, Lindholmen Science Park

Rodrigue Alfahel, Lindholmen Science Park