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New Volvo steering has positive effects for drivers on route 55

In the summer of 2017, Volvo Dynamic Steering (VDS) was installed in the electric buses on route 55 in Gothenburg. The result of a long-term study done on this test clearly shows that this new steering can reduce work-related physical problems among the bus drivers.
En av bussarna i trafik.
Image: Västtrafik

Heavy steering is a recurring problem among heavy vehicles and buses, which can cause the drivers pain in and around shoulders and arms. Something that can ease the physical discomfort for the drivers is power steering and VDS is an advanced, further developed version of this.

The study, which was conducted over a year and a half, shows that the drivers who reported moderate to very severe problems before the study either experienced a decrease to weak or no pain or did not experience any increase in the symptoms while driving with VDS.

"It is clear that VDS has had a positive impact on the bus drivers' work environment", says Lars-Ola Bligård, researcher at Chalmers and one of the authors of the study.

In general, the drivers are very positive about VDS and the results of the survey show that this new steering can have a positive impact on the bus drivers’ working environment and perceived physical problems.

"To drive a bus in a safe way, on time and in a difficult traffic situation, the bus driver profession makes for a sometimes stressful work environment. Solutions such as Volvo Dynamic Steering are a welcome and important development for our drivers to get a better working environment", says Karl Orton, IT and fleet director at Keolis who is the operator on the line.

The result of the report opens for further studies.

Read more about the study here