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One in a million on line 55

‘I'm one in a million’ is the message at the back of some of the ElectriCity buses on line 55 in Gothenburg. The message highlights that the buses on line 55 are some of the one million connected vehicles from the Volvo Group, which now rolls around the world.
Buss med texten "One in a million" på.

The benefits of connected vehicles are several, among other things connectivity opens up new opportunities to make the vehicles safer and more energy efficient. The buses on line 55 have been equipped with geofencing technology ever since they first hit the streets in 2015. Volvo’s geofencing solution, Zone Management, makes sure that the buses act in a desired way when they enter digitally limited areas along the route. In the central parts of the city, hybrid buses switch from diesel to electric power to reduce emissions and noise. All buses are programmed to run at low speeds on certain routes to reduce the risk of accidents on streets and places with many pedestrians and cyclists.

- We have good experiences of geofencing on line 55. The buses do not drive too fast and they drive with quiet electric drive without exhaust on streets with a lot of pedestrians. In addition, driving becomes more comfortable for the drivers, says Malin Andersson, Head of Department Development and International Affairs, Urban Transport Administraion, City of Gothenburg.

Connected vehicles also mean that vehicles will be able to "talk" to each other. For example, a bus that runs in an area with slippery roads can notify other vehicles in the vicinity, thus contributing to a safer traffic environment.

In terms of energy efficiency, connected vehicles allow for real-time driver coaching, so that the bus is driven as fuel efficient and energy efficient as possible.

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