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Electric buses – quieter, exhaust emission-free and passenger-friendly

In Gothenburg electric buses are used on route 55 and part of route 16 (EL16). These buses are concept vehicles that Volvo Buses has developed to test and evaluate new environmentally optimised technology and various solutions that can improve the appeal of public transport.

Many benefits with electric buses
There are three all-electric buses and seven electric hybrids operating on route 55. On one part of route 16 (EL16), two all-electric articulated buses are used – these models can carry up to 135 passengers each. The all-electric buses produce no exhaust emissions and are far quieter and more energy-efficient than diesel buses. The electric buses on route 55 and EL16 are powered entirely by renewable electricity, which results in a very small climate footprint.

Electric motors and batteries
The electric buses in Gothenburg are equipped with an electric motor (the articulated buses have two) powered by lithium-ion batteries. Whenever the bus slows down, the resulting ‘engine-braking’ effect generates electricity that is used to charge the batteries – power that would otherwise be wasted. The buses are also charged from the electric grid at quick-charge stations installed at some of the bus stops. The equipment needed for charging, storing the energy and propelling the bus is based on the technology used for Volvo’s electrified buses, more than 4000 of which have been manufactured.

Open interface for charging
The charging stations on route 55 and EL16 are based on the open OppCharge interface, which means they can be used by electrified buses from different manufacturers. 

See our film which shows how the electric bus works

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Meets passenger needs
Passenger wishes for a pleasant environment and practical functions on board have impacted the design of the electric buses in several ways. The electric buses on route 55 have an extra-wide door opening and low entry in the middle of the bus to make entry and exit fast and convenient. The electric articulated buses on EL16 have four double doors for the same reason. The large, unobstructed space inside with its low and flat floor makes things easy for passengers with child buggies or wheelchairs. 

The buses are equipped with Wi-Fi and power sockets for passengers who want to surf or charge their mobile phones, as well as displays for information and news. The idea is to create the right preconditions for simple, comfortable and seamless transport, where the passenger can utilise the time on board the bus to suit his or her own needs and wishes.

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