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Join us on the journey to the city of the future

In Gothenburg, ElectriCity is underway - an exciting collaboration where industry, research and society develop and test solutions for tomorrow's electrified transport. Quiet, exhaust-free buses, ferries and even heavy vehicles powered by renewable electricity are included in the demo arena.


  • Peter Nordin
    Coordinator ElectriCity – Volvo
  • Helena Lind
    Communication ElectriCity - Volvo
  • Selma Brynolf
    Coordinator ElectriCity – Chalmers
  • Marketta Jurmu
    Coordinator for ElectriCity – Västtrafik
  • Jonas Wilhelmsson
    Coordinator ElectriCity – Ericsson
  • Peter Lindgren
    Coordinator ElectriCity – Göteborgs Stad
  • Gunnar Ohlin
    Main Coordinator - Lindholmen Science Park
  • Rodrigue Al Fahel
    Project Manager - Lindholmen Science Park
  • Olof Nordangård
    Communications officer - Lindholmen Science Park
  • Ulrika Colpier
    Main Coordinator - Lindholmen Science Park

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